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Fitbit Ionic
Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit's first smartwatch-like gadget, the Blaze, wasn't generally welcomed. It needed style, had no applications and required a cell phone for even the most fundamental usefulness, similar to GPS. So Fitbit returned to the planning phase. The outcome is the Ionic, which Fitbit is calling its first genuine smartwatch.

This gadget is a gigantic improvement over its antecedent, with highlights, for example, GPS, NFC for installments, music stockpiling and an application store that gives the watch a chance to sparkle notwithstanding when there's no cell phone in your pocket.

I simply wish it looked better. Proofreader's Note [January 2019]: Fitbit has revealed another form of its working framework; Fitbit OS 3.0 has four new applications and watch faces, with more applications coming this year.

Fitbit Ionic Design and Display


Fitbit Ionic


In the realm of prevalently roundabout smartwatches, the Apple Watch and now Fitbit Ionic emerge by offering square plans. Fitbit would contend that round appearances look back to simple timepieces stuck previously – and from a client experience stance, I don't oppose this idea.

Evenso, the Fitbit Ionic's plan stays troublesome, particularly against the now-settled Apple Watch configuration that is in its third era. Some society I've addressed have been fantastically put off by the Ionic, while I like its retro appeal.

It's a smartwatch that looks obviously better in the tissue than in pics, with numerous spoilers relaxing on observing it. Critically, the Ionic is light. Far lighter than its plan may lead you to anticipate. 

Fitbit Ionic

It's an agreeable wearable, notwithstanding when on your wrist in bed or amid exercise. The somewhat decreased sides result in less of the Ionic being in consistent contact with your wrist, and the way that it edges away methods it will in general slam against your wrist bone far less regularly, as well.

This may not seem like a colossal arrangement, however worn for a more extended run it feels more good than an Apple Watch, which I've found can rub and thump around sooner or later. At dispatch, the Ionic will be accessible in three hues.

My most loved is the Burnt Orange/Slate Blue model I'd seen at IFA, yet the Charcoal/Smoke Gray unit sent in for survey is increasingly unobtrusive and simpler to spruce up or down, contingent upon the event. 

Fitbit Ionic

I lean toward the matching with the discretionary blue games band I was sent, which all the more transparently grasps an energetic structure. Generally, nonetheless, the Ionic is still a long way from rich, seeming square shaped and burdensome by the refinement of the Apple Watch's adjusted corners and clean lines. The more I see its silver packaging and thick dark bezel, the more it takes after a scaled down CRT TV tied to my wrist.

Be that as it may, if there's one thing that is far expelled from a CRT TV of old, it's simply the genuine presentation. It's one of the most keen and most splendid I've seen from a smartwatch.

It has a top splendor of 1000 nits, which is as brilliant as a HDR TV – and matches the previous two Apple Watch models. Indeed, even under the hardest of splendid open air conditions, is anything but a screen you'll battle to peruse, offering reasonable auto-splendor modifications. 

Fitbit Ionic

Hues are punchy and energetic, and truly flaunt a portion of the new visual twists in the Fitbit OS. It's sharp, as well, with a 348 x 250 goals over its 1.42-inch screen. The Ionic backings a snappy discharge highlight that let you swap out the ties easily; there are two distinctive estimated silicone lashes in the crate.

Sadly, there have all the earmarks of being some quality control issues with these lashes. I've tried two distinctive Fitbit Ionic gadgets – one of which was running incomplete programming; the equipment was conclusive, nonetheless –and twice I've had lashes that basically neglected to bolt into the right spot as they should.

Prominently, there was no capable of being heard snap to show the lashes had been secured.This issue has been evident at a couple of item exhibits I've visited, as well. Like the Fitbit Flex 2, the Fitbit Ionic is the second Fitbit model to offer water-protection from 50m, which is incredible.

Regardless of whether you're not a swimmer, not agonizing over getting the watch wet in the shower is a comfort you'll rapidly figure out how to appreciate. The waterproofing is helped by the Ionic's unibody structure, which keeps H2O out.

Fitbit Ionic Price and Release Date


Fitbit Ionic


The Fitbit Ionic propelled as the most costly wearable yet from Fitbit. At $299.95 it costs more than the Fitbit Surge running watch did at dispatch, however somewhat not exactly the Apple Watch 4 or LG Watch Sport.

Since the dispatch of the less expensive Fitbit Versa, we've seen the value drop some approach to around $200. Anticipate that that cost should drop somewhat more amid deal periods, for example, Black Friday 2018.

Fitbit Ionic Battery life


Fitbit Ionic


The battery life of the Ionic has shocked me hugely. Following 5 days the battery was as yet 39% full. For correlation, the battery life of the normal smartwatch is around one day. The Ionic is a watch that you hence wear day and night.

That is great, on the grounds that the smartwatch likewise measures your rest widely. That way you get more knowledge into your night's rest. When you utilize the game mode consistently (with the GPS and pulse sensor on constantly), the battery runs out quicker.

Should you buy a Fitbit Ionic

While it's very costly for a wellness tracker, the Fitbit Ionic packs in a great deal of top of the line includes that will engage a wide scope of individuals, from in-your-face wellness enthusiasts to the more easygoing exercise center goers.

While the scope of non-wellness applications isn't wide at dispatch what it offers is as yet useful to individuals searching for an increasingly sound way of life. With implicit GPS and music player, contactless installments and on-screen notices  it implies you can leave your telephone and wallet at home when out working out.

The Ionic is lightweight and agreeable, and looks great as well - even in the pool. The scope of lashes implies you can swap out groups for various events - either at the exercise center, the workplace or out on the town.

While it can't match the standard smartwatches for an astonishing exhibit of applications, the sufficiently brilliant Ionic resembles the principal appropriate wellbeing smartwatch.

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