Thursday, February 14, 2019

The five outsourcing sectors will be the highest growth in the year 2019

Through technology, the demand for various types of work has increased, as well as increased job opportunities. One example of this is freelancing or outsourcing. In this, sitting in a particular office, instead of working, the organizations give jobs to any organization or person outside. Outsourcing sector growth around the world. Market analysts say that the size of the outsourcing industry exceeded 8 billion and 500 million US dollars in 2018. Experts believe that this sector will further grow in the future. They say, many changes will be needed in this sector. In the outsourcing world of 2019, there will be more growth in five sectors.

Data security

The biggest growth in outsourcing will be data security. Because, people are now investing heavily in various smart products. These smart products are creating various types of information or data. So the issue of data security on the head of technology entrepreneurs will come first. Especially in the use of the Internet of Things (IOT), the attack will also increase. A recent study by the technology company HP found that 70 percent of IOT products have serious security flaws. Security outsourcing companies will therefore give importance to this sector. There will be huge scope for outsourcing in this sector. Those who work with freelancing will be able to earn a lot of money if they can master their skills. 


The world of information technology will change rapidly. The artificial intelligence and robotics era are coming. Outsourcing experts will add matter to their portfolio. It is estimated that by 2030 Automation will stop 80 million jobs. To do the same thing repeatedly, for example, foods that are processed, and driving will be more risky. Many organizations will go towards automation. In this case, the smaller organizations will be given more opportunities to choose their preference. 

Cloud technology

Now most organizations are moving towards cloud technology. This trend will continue throughout the year 2019. Two-thirds of small and medium businesses have now started to keep information online, research firm Gartner said. According to IDC, half of the total expenditure of the IT sector will be established by 2020, between public and private cloud connectivity. So cloud technology outsourcing will show growth. If you can achieve this, you will have the opportunity to do better as a freelancer. 

Special outsourcing

There must be specialization in any outsourcing sector. Because, managing multiple outsourcing services can be a problem for many organizations. Especially for medium and small companies. They want full work through low cost outsourcing. So if different organizations give different responsibilities, then their management can be delayed. In 2009, the companies will be in the centralized system or from where all services are available. That is, the demand for special people and organizations will be increased this year. 

Social Responsibility

Organizations that show social responsibility, have more of their products. In view of bringing the goods and services to the market, the change is seen. The 'Social Responsible Outsourcing' (SRO) facility will be seen to increase. Under this, socioeconomically retired employees get jobs. In the current world, 2 Lakh 40 thousand workers were covered. Such outsourcing work will increase in the next decade. 

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