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What do you learn to get your work In Upwork Freelancer?

Up-work Is The biggest freelancing website in the world. It's a big market for US freelancing jobs. Many freelancers work on this site. On Tuesday, the site authorities released a list of the most urgent skills nowadays.

The demand for these skilled workers is increasing in the last quarter, the official said. The workbook's skill index or the skill skil index is the name of today's labor market, the current picture of technology sector, new and emerging skills.

The demand for these skilled workers is increasing in the last quarter, the official announcement. The workbook's skill index is the name of today's labor market, the current picture of technology sector, new and emerging skills.

According to the report of the Upwork, the staff recruiters believe that there is a lack of skilled workers in their business sector yet. Keeping with the new trends, there will be a demand for emerging skills in the next decade.

Chief Executive of Upwork Stephen Casaryel said the technical changes are increasing. Freelancers will have to acquire the skills needed in the business sector, otherwise they will be lagging behind by training their workforce quickly.

Casariel said that today's businessmen are focusing more on skill development. Today's investment on the workforce will need them tomorrow. Freelancers know the skills are the most important.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, fast growing freelancing skills accounted for 175 times the demand for the year. Of these, the demand for the top 10 skills increased by 600 times. See that list of 20 skills--

1. Haddup
2. Genetic algorithm
3. Dropbox API
4. Microbiology
5. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
6. Digital Signal Processing
7. Intercom
8. Invention
9. Employee Training
10. React dot js framework
11. Interactive Advertising
12. Cubarnetes
13. Oath
14. App Store optimization
15. Autodesk Revit.
16. App Usability Analysis
17. Learning Management Solutions (LMS) Consulting
18. The WGS Framework
19. 3D scanning
20. Computational Linguistics

According to the report of Upwork, the investment is increasing for creating big data solutions around the world. The most sought after skill list is the Hadoop Open Source software, which is used to analyze, process, and store large data applications. Upwork has more than five thousand skilled freelancer handup experts. Two large organizations such as Claudera and Hartonwork of the sector have started working together and open source software companies like DataBricket and Confluent have increased their capital. 
Organizations are making huge investments in setting up profitable businesses from valuable data or information. So, those who are skilled at Haddo, their demand is increasing. Market analysts say that in the next five years, Hadhup's market will grow by more than 29 percent on average. By 2023, the market will stand at $ 3 billion $800 million.

The Upwork report further said that many of the obsolete education options are now increasing. Freelancers are learning new topics to get new skills beyond conventional learning. Like 93 percent of the freelancers, their four-year university degree is better than any degree of their expertise. But 79 percent of the freelancers said that their university level education worked in their current work. Now, so many organizations are giving importance to the efficiency of their employees. 
In this case, demand for skills such as Employee Training, Learning Management Solution is increasing. Nowadays people spend five hours a day on a smartphone. People spend 90 percent of the time on smartphones apps Every year businessmen are doubly emphasizing on mobile. So the demand for skills like app store optimization and app usability is increasing. Outside, the demand for workers associated with cyber security and digital product management has increased.
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