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Which Is The Better? Government Job or Privet Job?

Privet Vs Government Job, Which is The Better? This is the most common question in job sector. Would you rather be part of private jobs or join the government  sector? Both are have advantages and disadvantages. At first you understand what is the privet owned job and what is the government owned job? Let's talk about government owned job Government owned jobs which are also referred to as public sector jobs and are created by the government. Let's Talk about privet job, Privet owned jobs created by an individual or group or group of individuals. Government job and privet job both are run on their own way.

Which Is The Better? Government Job or Privet Job?

Which one is better for your career Government job or Privet job. Here we found difference beetwin Government and Privet Jobs.


If you need better salary then privet job suits you Or you need to save your money today for future then government job better for you.In privet companies you have an option to negotiate a salary whenever you feel you deserve more. Government jobs salary depends on your position and class of employment.if you want a salary increment in government then the best option is you look for a promotion. 

Security in Job

This is the biggest advantages in government job. For government jobs there is a security and stability. But very big disadvantage in privet job you have no security. privet company fired you any time
but if you're do not guilty of a serious offense of fraud or corruption then you will not be fired from government job. Privet job security is zero but Government job security 100%. 

Working Hour in a day

Government Job have a flexibility.if you are looking for your career is flexibility then government job perfect for you.Yes, the job may say you are required to work from 9am to 5pm that means 8 Hour. In privet companies they have no working hour limit. Privet Job Need Over time. 

Growth your Career

Privet jobs better for growth your career.In government jobs,as per the norms,the age of retirement is 58 To 60 that's why growth is less and over a longer period of time that you could expect. In the privet job your growth is depends on you and your unique talent.You have a better option in privet job for growth your Career. 


For government jobs they are not work in holidays. No one can call them for work before the holiday period is finished. But some established privet companies do not respect the government holidays that's why they call there staff for working in holidays.

Jobs Benefits

The government sector has concessions, pensions for using government entities like getting loans,medical facilities,home rent and more. But privet sector, things are well organized and done orderly unlike the public sector which are not done orderly and they lack work culture.but you are not better benefit in privet sector.

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