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Top 5 Trending Technology in 2019

Everyone crazy About Trending Technology. We are here for showing you top 5 trending technology in 2019. Innovation in the tech industry moves at a breakneck pace and 2019 was a fantastic year. 2019 is most expected technology year, in this year many industries create new invention. Technology trends that will influence industries and consumers in 2019 everyone need to know that.

Here's our top 5 trending technology list in 2019

 1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence innovations will continue to bring scientific. Artificial Intelligence has already received a lot of buzz in recent year but it continues to be a trend. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will be embedded in the business platform in 2019 for creating and enabling smart business operation. 

In 2019 Autonomous vehicles and robotic is the two industries for see the most rapid developments. There is going to be a convergence of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and artificial intelligence for business applications in 2019. For better result learning technology and artificial Intelligence get to work together. 

Artificial intelligence will have greater accuracy at all level. Is this really going to be a mankind's last invention?So far, humans have only developed Narrow AI. a superior Artificial Intelligence, though in the future of mankind. how far should humans go with Artificial Intelligence development is still  subject of controversy.

2. 5G Technology (5GT)

5G is the 5th generation wireless systems, if you need widely known as 5G, this is the next stage mobile telecommunication standards beyond the 4g standards. 

Against 4G 5G offers more faster internet access.With the advent of analog cellular systems, radio technologies have become a multi directional and rapidly evolving platform. To meet the needs of the people globally This has led to the extensive use of digital wireless communication systems. Will drive the market widespread adoption of internet-enabled services worldwide .

3. Blockchain

Most of the people think  blockchain technology in relation to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, lite coin blockchain offers security that is useful To many other ways. Most conditionally, the blockchains data can be described as that which you simply can not add or change.Therefore the word "discipline" is because you are creating a chain of information. Being able to change the previous block makes it so safe. Additionally, blockchains are publicly operated, as explained in this Forbes article, so no one entity can control the data. With Blockchain, you do not need a trusted third party to supervise or verify transactions.

This high level of protection is why blockchain is used for cryptocurrency and why it may play an important role in personal medical information such as personal medical  information.
Blockchain can be used to greatly improve the global supply chain described here, as well as protect assets like industry and real estate. And the use of blockchain technology is increasing, the demand for skilled professionals. Regarding that, we are already behind. According to Techcrunch.com, Blockchain-related jobs are the second fastest growing work, 14 openings jobs for each blockchain developer. A blockchain developer using blockchain technology do specializes in developing and implementing architecture and solutions. The average annual salary for the blockchain developer is $ 130,000.

However, only the developer's work is not available on the blockchain space. Employers are also looking for consultants,project managers and software engineers. Jobs are available in financial institutions, but in retail and healthcare, and soon probably manufacturing as well.

4. Augmented reality and Virtual reality

Virtual reality and Augmented reality technology may be useful for employee training, education, engineering, and other fields. However, lack of applications due to high cost of entry has led to increase in costs, the report mentions. But when Virtual reality handsets became more mainstream, we could reach the tip of this year. 8. Chatbots. Artificial intelligence-driven chatboats are often used as virtual assistants in basic customer service and operating systems, and in recent years their use has been easy and usability increased. In the field of technology in the year 2019, other industries will be spread to more use. 

 5. Edge Computing (EC)

Previously there is a technology trend, cloud computing has become mainstream; main players affect the AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft AZUR and Google Cloud dominating the  Marketplace. Cloud computing is still increasing, more and more businesses migrate to a cloud solution. But now this is not emerging technology. 

Edge is. Move on, cloud computing, and make ways for the edge. The amount of data we are dealing with continues to grow, we have undergone cloud computing errors in some situations. Edge computing is designed to help solve some of the problems as a way to get the Data Center data delayed due to cloud computing and process. It can be "at the far", if you can, where computing is needed. Due to this, agent computing can be used to process the time-sensitive data in a remote location with limited or lack of central location. 

In this situation, end computing can work like a mini data center. Edge computing will increase as internet access (IOT) devices increase. Expected to reach 6.72 billion US dollars in the world's edge computing market in 2022.

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