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Great Answers To 5 Most Common Question In Job Interview

So Are you preparing for a job interview? Looking for a job! That's ok If you Now Called For A interview then congratulation...but now what? you are tense about that? Your job interview in English then it's panic time? like how to face the interview? what they are going to ask? how do i answer those question? how to impress them? what do i say to really make theme choose me? this all question in your head? then calm down and relax. Everybody tense about their job interview because one interview change their life forever. here are

5 Most Common Question In Job Interview and Great answer for Your Interview

5 Most Common Question In Job Interview and Great answer

This is the Great news when you called for a interview but it's not ok at all. Most recruiters asked the same basic question in these you can little preparation form here you can speak very well in your upcoming interview.

5 Most Common Question

 1.  So, Tell Me About Yourself

After shaking hands, the next thing that requiters probably going to ask you talk about yourself.
This is the most common question to start your interview but they are not interested your every single details. please avoid say like that- i was born in New York,i have two brothers,i love to play game ex.they don't need to know everything about you
they need to know about your career growth, they need to know about you related the job you're apply for.

Example- Where you working before this job interview and how long you stay what is your experience from these job.

 2.  Why You Want This Job

  • Why you interested in this company?
  • Why you Interested in this position?
After this question they need highlighted answer like what about the job is of interest to you,it is saving money for this company,Is it the interaction with clients or problem-solving? Or growing sales of a product you believe in. focus what they actually benefited from you.

 3. What is your weakness?

If you think your answer is you have no weaknesses it's absolutely wrong because no one perfect,Everyone has weaknesses. They are just checking how do you fixed your weakness and they also need to know how self aware you are. you can answer this question like this my weakness is I'm so much time spend in my  project and that's why my project are finished slowly but my project compare the others i think my project better the others.

 4. What Makes You the Best for These Company

  • Example-  
  • Why You are the best for this position?
  • What makes you the best for this position?
  • Why we should hire you?
At these stage you can focus is on what makes you unique and what can you do for the company.These is an opportunity to focus yourself you talk about how benefit for hire you . what will you do for the company that no one else can do this.

5. Do you have any question?

In this time answer very carefully because they are still jugging this time don't ask anything like that what kind of work does your company do? When i get vacation ? in this time you don't have any question they think you're not interested in this job.
you can ask like that-

  • What is the typical day for this position
  • Do you have any examples of projects 
  • Does the company offer in-house training to staff 

Then they think you're very much interested in this job.

This are The 5 Most Common Question In Job Interview if you have any question then contact us.


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