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Facebook will take action to spread false news(Facebook Update)

 Facebook Update

Faced with intense criticism, Facebook is more stringent to prevent fake news on Facebook. The company has decided to stop the spreading of false news from those pages and groups. 

facebook update
Facebook Update

On Wednesday, Facebook authorities warned that if there is no evidence to break community guideline for any page or group then action will still be taken against them, despite spreading false news. This information was given in a report by Fortune Online.

Facebook has warned the Admin of the page, that if Facebook removes or removes any content or posts that have caused a page closure due to the post, it will be posted again on the new page, then the page will be closed.

After the closure of 364 pages made from Russia's source, the announcement was made to prevent such fraudulent news from Facebook. Facebook has complained against the fake fraudulent pages.

In a blog post, Facebook said that they will enforce the policy, depending on the extensive information.
Specifically whether the name of the page or the same admin will be examined.
According to Facebook rules, they do not allow pages to be similar to those forbidden or rejected pages. But the miscreants stepped in their network from one step forward and they started spreading false information.

Earlier, Facebook has brought a feature called History that is introduced for groups and pages. In it, when the group was created, its previous name, along with a few details, can be seen by the user. Facebook has announced that they will launch a separate tab named 'Page Quality' for pages and groups. Through this feature, there will be detailed information including canceling content,  reasons for breaking the policy. Facebook is taking steps to make the page more transparent. 

Earlier, in November last year, Facebook listed false news as 'existence-threat' on their platform and took strong action to control the issue. It is said from the social networking website in the US that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg formed a large group to fight false news and information.

Manish Khanduri, head of the Facebook News Partnership Department said, "There is a threat to the platform. False news. Facebook is trying to prevent false news as a social media platform. Like a pornography, if a post violates the criteria of the community, there is a strong process for it and it is quickly reduced. But when
someone claims to be a political campaign of any party, then we can not do anything in suspicion.

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